Rassvet OÜ (Baltic Cheese) has been operating in the Estonian market since September 2015.

We offer high quality cheeses and dairy products from the Baltic countries. The assortment of Baltic Cheese is also diversified with goods from the European Union countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and many others. At our point of sale, everyone will discover new flavors that they will surely fall in love with.

What we do for you


Our own courier service will deliver orders to the address within 24 hours after the invoice is paid.


A large selection of excellent European cheeses, from table to exclusive, from cow, goat and sheep milk.

Cheese +

We supplement cheeses with matching products to create a complete daily and festive menu.


We will show you which cheeses are best for a hearty breakfast, and which ones are better for maintaining a slim figure. We will advise which is best for baking and which is for salads, appetizers or desserts.